The IPMG is a trade organisation run by international production music publishers to support the production music industry.

The IPMG’s mission:

  • Be a platform to promote discussion for production music companies
  • Support National production music associations and their members in individual markets
  • Distribute regular, sector-specific information to its members.
  • Organise industry events and conferences to bring focus and action around our issues
  • Spread awareness, share data to highlight the valuation of the production music industry
  • Preserve and enhance the value of music.
  • Serve as a voice to lobby on behalf of the production music industry PRO’s, authorities and international organisations

Members are major and indie production music publishers and include Sony/EMI, Universal & BMG.

The IPMG is affiliated to the ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers) which represents more than 90% of the world’s published music.


Martin Nedved (Studio Fontana, Czech Republic)
Juliette Metz (Encore Merci, France)
Patrick Appelgren (Universal Music, Sweden)
Diana Strandberg (Upright Music, Denmark)
Natalie Dickens (Felt Music, UK)
John Phelan (Director General, ICMP)
Damian Słonina (Jaguarec, Poland)
Gilda Fulco (Intervox, Germany)
Einar Helde (APL Publishing, Denmark)
Horea Pascu (Blue Island Music, Romania)
Alex Black (Sonoton, Germany)
Pietro Giola (Machiavelli Music, Italy)
Scott Doran (BMG, UK)
Sarah Patching (Sony PM, UK)